Thursday, September 5, 2019

Chevelle progress August 2019

Finally got a chance to do some work on the Chevelle.

As it stands before we got started...

Spent about 3 hours air-chiseling the old trunk floor out. Trying to keep as much of the rear seat divider and tail panel intact as I can.

Here's what was left of the old trunk.

The rear of the trunk where the bumper bolts up, and where the rear-most body mounts go.

The front of the trunk right behind the seat divider and between the inner wheel wells.

Temporarily stuck the new trunk floor in and held in place with vise grips. Propped a new trunk drop-off from AMD in there too.

And here is where the new floor, old seat divider, and new trunk floor will all come together. In this pic I hadn't removed the old trunk yet.

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