Thursday, September 15, 2016

Some progress on the truck

Did a little work on the truck on labor day.

Got the doors and hood removed from the cab.

Attempted to get the cab off the frame, or at least prepare to remove it. I ran into some trouble with the bolts. I started with the front passenger side bolt, and it just spun. Got out the grinder with a cut-off wheel. sliced through the nut and pried the two halves off of the bolt. The two rear bolts both snapped off. Win! Nice and easy and quick. Went to the front driver side bolt and... it just unbolted real easy?

I finished up by cutting any wires still going from the cab to the frame and knocking the brake pedal off the actuator rod. For now the front clip is sitting on top of the drivetrain, the hood is leaning against all that, and I shoved the doors back onto the cab for now. Just don't try to open the doors, they'll fall on your feet.