Thursday, August 29, 2019

Getting back to business

Well, it's been a whirlwind few years since my last post. New house, totaled car and subsequent new-used car. Good deals, bad deals. Crashing in basements.

So begins a new chapter in the life of joeyv69ragtop. Hopefully one that brings new things to share on this blog about the chevelle and the truck. So let's see where each of those stands now.

The Truck:
Well, is it even a truck anymore? Who knows. Here's what went down since the last update.
1. Camaro subframe. I scored an  '81 camaro subframe for relatively cheap and proceeded to chop up my frame.
<insert pic of choppered frame here>

2. built a 383 stroker from the 350 I pulled out of the chevelle.

3. Got cab sandblasted and primed

4. 10-bolt posi installed from a 79 firebird. Still need to clean it up but since I sold the original rear end I had to put the 10 bolt under it to move it off the property before selling the house.

5. sold house, nowhere to put truck. left it out in the cold :(

6. frame, cab, front clip living with dad.

7. doors, rear fenders, bedsides living with the in-laws. New parts in the garage, basement, grandma's garage, my office., everywhere.